New Geography for Australian Schools

Latest Geography iBooks - Secondary
Image courtesy Donna Gorman
  1. Year 8A Landforms and Landscapes
  2. Year 7A Water in the World
  3. Year 9A Biomes and Food Security
  4. Year 8B Changing_Nations
  5. Year 9B Geographies of Interconnections
  6. Year 7B Place and Liveability
What you will find in these iBooks?
  • A broad coverage of requirements as set out in the new National Curriculum
  • Geographical Knowledge & Understanding; Inquiry & Skills
  • Concepts for developing understanding - place, space, environment, interconnection, sustainability, scale & change
  • Cross-curriculum priorities
  • Opportunities and suggestions for fieldwork and inquiry activities
  • Embedded video and audio
  • An extensive array of photo galleries (all images in one location)
  • Links to outside url sites
  • Suggested geographical topics and guides for NAPLAN practice in persuasive writing
  • Review quiz at the end
Links to preview these books -

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Year 7a “Water in the World”
Year 7b ‘Place and Liveability’
Year 8a ‘Landforms and Landscapes’

Year 8b ‘Changing Nations’
Year 9A ‘Biomes and Food Security’
Year 9B 'Geographies of Inter-Connections’
Year 10A 'Environmental Change and Management'

10b 'Geography of Human Wellbeing'