New Geography for Australian Schools

Latest Geography iBooks - Primary
  1. Foundation - People Live in Places
  2. Yr1_Places have Distinctive Features
  3. Yr2_People are Connected to many Places
  4. Yr3 - Places are both Similar and Different
  5. Yr4 - Earth's Environment sustains Life
  6. Yr5 - Factors shape the Human and Environmental Characteristics
  7. Year 6 - A Diverse and Connected World

Links to preview these books -

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Foundation Year "People live in Places’’
Year 1 "Places have Distinctive Features"

Year 2 "People are Connected to many Places"

Year 3 "Places are both Similar and Different"

Year 4 "The Earth’s Environment sustains all Life"

Year 5 "Factors that shape the Human and Environmental Characteristics of Places"

Year 6 "A Diverse and Connected World"

What you will find in these iBooks?

  • A broad coverage of requirements as set out in the new National Curriculum
  • Geographical Knowledge & Understanding; Inquiry & Skills
  • Concepts for developing understanding - place, space, environment, interconnection, sustainability, scale & change
  • Cross-curriculum priorities
  • Opportunities and suggestions for fieldwork and inquiry activities
  • Embedded video and audio
  • An extensive array of photo galleries (all images in one location)
  • Links to outside url sites
  • Suggested geographical topics and guides for NAPLAN practice in persuasive writing
  • Review quiz at the end